Monday, August 11, 2008

RSN Day Classes

The other days classes I have taken at the Royal School of Needlework are Silk Shading, Stumpwork and Knot Garden.

The Knot Garden class was actually in Winchester for just one day, but enough to create a small garden and make plans for a larger one soon. I have the DMC box with the glass insert in the lid, I think it will be fun to make a knot garden to put in this box and I have been thinking about a lavender knot garden too. I have taken pictures of many knot gardens for inspiration. especially the gardens at Hampton Court Palace and Kew Gardens.

The stumpwork class was two days, again enough to give me ideas of other projects I can make later. There were several kits to pick from, I selected the castle because I wanted to learn to make buildings and the mount with the bushes. I also, purchased one other of a snow drop. Some of the other people made orchids, they were beautiful.

The silk shading class was for two days and we used DMC and/or Anchor floss and stitched on silk fabric with calico (muslin to the Americans) on the back. There were several different flowers to pick, I like yellow and my husband is from Kansas so the sunflower had to be my project. Now I have learned that I should have picked a tulip instead of the sunflower, but that can be my next silk shading project. This project is still not finished, I will finish it and work on more silk shading to improve my stitching. In this class we used two ply of floss, but most classes use only one ply which is slower but much easier to work with. I think the silk shading is the hardest class that I have taken, so I need to practice a lot before I take the Certificate Class next spring.


Love to Stitch 99 said...

I absolutely adore your castle.

As for the knot garden I have just purchased the book recently and one of these days I will take the time to make one.

The shading on your sunflower looks great.

Pierrette =^..^=

Needleworker said...

Thank you Pierrette for your comments, I am excited about making another knot garden soon.