Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tulip Festival 2012

I took the Community Center bus with a friend to the Tulip Festival a year ago, forgot to post the pictures.   I think it is never too late to look at spring flowers.  The tulips were beautiful, the colors were amazing and we even had nice weather for the day.  Here are a few pictures, enjoy!

 They planted tulips in this tree, beautiful and a fun idea too.

There were tulips in every direction, love all the colors. You can tell I like trees too!

Monday, June 4, 2012


This is a Hardanger biscornu I finished from a pattern I purchased at the Needlework Show in Paris, France.  I lined it with silk and filled it with ground walnut shells, could be used as a pin cushion or a paper weight.



This on was made from a pattern in the English magazine Stitch, but I made several changes including the flower, it was originally a poppy.  Each petal long and short stitch with blanket stitch around the edge over wire.  The leaf is made the same way.


You will notice I did not put the button on this on to pull the center.  I think this one would be better as a paper weight, not sure I want to put a pin in the needlepoint.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Royal School of Needlework

City Cruise, London 

Hampton Court Palace, home of the Royal School of Needlework

This morning on CBS "Sunday Morning" was another report on the Royal School of Needlework located at Hampton Court Palace in England.  Always fun to see the people, what they are working on and the school/studio. 

The RSN will be teaching courses in San Francisco again in September.  Check out the  courses.  All of the tutors are trained at the RSN in England.  We always have a good time, learn a lot and work very hard.  They will be teaching Certificate and Diploma courses.  There will be day classes too, check the website for the day classes they will be offering.