Monday, August 18, 2008

Needlework Treasures

Saturday I went to the last Get Together with The Sampler Guild in England before we go home next week.

This is a picture of the gifts I received, they are going away gifts, but I will be back next year.

The "cake" is a tape measure, a friendship box, scissors with a fob and a friend made the Biscornu for me, it is lovely with beads and little pink flowers. I have been spoiled with all these treasures.

We have gone to Covent Gardens in London a couple times and I found more treasures, just what I need more to pack to take home but I couldn't pass them up and I did a little bargaining too.

I have wanted a half doll for some time and the one on the left is perfect, I love the yellow and the blue, it will be fun to make the pin cushion for her. I found the thimble, I don't have one and decided I need a thimble so I will have an excuse to make a thimble holder. The hooks and eyes were made in the USA and I think they need to go back home and I was surprised to find large ones all in the original package. The laying tool will be handy for removing stitches as well as for a laying tool.

Do any of us needle workers need an excuss to buy new tools?

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