Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Needlepoint Stitching Chair

My ANG chapter has decided to make chairs, everyone is designing their own, I couldn't wait to make mine.  

The stitching is all done on congress cloth with size 8 DMC perle cotton and floss #800.  I crocheted the doily for the back and the rug is a Hardanger piece I made several years ago, but I am thinking about a new rug now.

This was a fun project, the base is 2 X 3 from Sudberry House.  The accessories are from Idee Creation, I purchased these at L'alguille en fete in Paris a couple years ago.  Not knowing what I was going to do with them until I finished my chair.

I have to say the Royal School of Needlework box making Diploma course was very helpful in figuring this out.  Things I learned - measure twice and measure a couple more times, take my time to do the finishing and think outside the box.

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