Sunday, June 16, 2013

Timeless Tomato . . .

I have been working on Debbie Stiehler's Timeless Tomato for a while and finally finished it!  (Debbie also has a pumpkin, no I am not going to do it.)  I am known for not following directions.  The leaves were suppose to be needlepoint and were kind of square, an other friend was working on the same project and said she was going to redesign the leaves (she passed away before she finished) so I had to figure it out.  One friend said the leaves look like an octopus sitting on top of a tomato.  

The tomato is very big, 16" around and about 4" high.  I filled it with ground up walnut shells, which makes it heavy and was interesting to fill.  Again the best part is it is done!

There are 5 different sides and each side is a different pattern using several different fibers on congress cloth, very fun to stitch.

The other part of not following directions - it is suppose to be like the original tomato pin cushion with a emery strawberry, I just wanted the tomato.  Maybe someday I will follow directions, probably not.

Here are pictures of the other sides:

Top view:

And the bottom view:

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