Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RSN Whitework Diploma Course

I am a little slow updating my blog.  Last July I finished my diploma courses at the Royal School of Needlework in England.  

Our tutor was Jenny Adin-Christie,  (click here to see her website) she is a wonderful tutor.   I came home with a couple of her kits too.

This course was a real adventure!  My friend rented the Fish Court Apartment in Hampton Court Palace.  There were four ladies staying in the apartment and my husband.  The class was taught just across the palace from the apartment.  Loved the commute, in the past I rode the big red bus to class each day sometimes carrying my project bag and slate frame.

We set up our trestles in the dining room, no room to walk around the room or eat in there.  We had more fun than anyone can imagine in this room.

The night before we had to turn in our projects, my friend said we are going to wash your whitework.  I wasn't sure about it.   We left it in the slate frame, put it in the bathtub, warm water and eucalyptus wash, rinsed, stood it up in the slate frame to dry.  By morning it was dry.  I am so glad she didn't pay any attention to me and went ahead and washed it while I watched and took pictures. It turned out great.

After 8 days of class and many hours working on our own I finished my whitework, turned it in for grading.  Picked up my project  and sadly said good bye to Hampton Court Palace and the Royal School of Needlework for now.  

 The above picture is my drawn and pulled thread.  My Grandmother was Irish and her birthday was on St Patrick's Day, love the shamrock.

We also, had to do hemstitching . . . 


I hope to go back to England to take a couple more techniques in a couple years.  It was sad to leave, but planning to return made it easier.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventures at the Royal School of Needlework.  It took me about five years to complete the four Certificate Courses and  six Diploma Courses.  

I loved all of the courses!  I have made so many new friends around the world, it was a wonderful experience.


Unknown said...

This piece is so beautifully worked! You are an inspiration!

Alena Chenevix Trench said...

I've just been browsing for inspiration for my diploma whitework (at Hampton Court) and found your wonderful piece, especially love your drawn thread corner! :)