Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today we woke up to snow, we don't usually get much snow, but there is about 5 inches at 10:00 AM. Most areas of the country would think 5" is nothing, but there are so many hills around here that is it really hard to get around.

All the schools and many businesses in the area are closed due to snow, yesterday some schools were closed in anticipation of snow. Didn't even get mail today :(.

This is when I am really glad to be retired and I don't to take the bus to work. The buses don't run very good with all the hills around here and it is cold waiting and not knowing if or when the bus will come to pick up the people.

I have enjoyed watching the snow news and staying just home today.

Finished wrapping Christmas gifts and took pictures, now I can go knit . . . .

I do have to say the snow is pretty, looking from the inside out. Makes me want to watch "White Christmas."


Summer said...

I like to watch from the inside as well. ;) It's too cold to even step outside!

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

There is something very special about a white Christams isn't there? We have no chance here in England this year. Thank you for visiting my blog, yours is really interesting and I have added it to my 'blogs to follow' list. Have a lovely Christmas.Irene xx