Thursday, December 25, 2008

And More Snow!

Merry Christmas! We had a very nice dinner at our son and daughter in law's home with her sister and some friends. We ordered a Virginia ham, which soon earned the name "The Pig Who Ate Christmas." The ham was so large we weren't sure what pan it could be cooked in, you see the ham was cured and needed to be soaked over night and then cooked for a very long time.

This is a picture after the ham was done cooking, just need to trim the skin and fat off and eat it. I must say it was wonderful and everyone enjoyed eating it.

We have had a very white Christmas, actually I think there is too much snow. It snowed about 24" in 24 hours and continues to snow in Eastern Washington. We will head back to the Westside tomorrow, there isn't suppose to be any new snow, we will see!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, maybe without all the snow we have had, and enjoyed being with family and friends.

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Patti said...

You are so right - you do have too much snow. Now you know why I'm still living in England - NO SNOW! Ok maybe I shouldn't open up my big mouth because we have had some in the past - like maybe a small covering and it brings the country to a standstill. I can't wait for you to come back again. Lots and lots of love Patti xxx