Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Sewing Room & The Story of the Broken Books

Haven't done much stitching lately, not that I don't have some I could work on, read on to see what I have been doing. Should have taken before pictures, but it was really bad and I didn't want anyone to see the room. Just imagine wall to wall book shelves, dresser, sewing cabinet, a bed and a computer desk "almost" room to walk.

We have been working on clearing out the sewing room/guest room. I have been selling lots of things on ebay and giving stuff away, there is still a lot to deal with in the garage, but we can put the car in the garage and that makes my husband happy.

We had new grey carpet installed, painted and had a wall bed (very light grey) installed. The wall bed is great, when the bed is up there is a table. I love the table I spend a lot of time using it. There are no windows in the room because it is in the basement, my husband painted the walls bright yellow, I love yellow, and it make the room much brighter too. The lady who use to live here was an artist, she used the room for her studio so the lighting is really good too.

The last picture is my sewing cabinet, a nice cozy corner of the room. The TV is on a cart with wheels to make it easy to move around.

The wall bed in the sewing room is a great way to save space, we don't have company a lot so this is a better use of the area.

I have two, well probably more, books that the bindings are broken. A friend told me that I could take them to Kinkos and have a spiral binding put on the books. They cut off the old binding and put the spiral binding on and it only cost $10.88 for both books. They are so nice I can now open the book and it will lay flat without having to hold it. This is a great thing and not too expensive either. Can you tell I am a little excited about this? Here are pictures of the books.That is enough for now . . .

Happy Thanksgiving
. . . Enjoy your turkey day, we are having a Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving with lots of seafood!!

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