Friday, September 26, 2008

Time to frame projects . . .

Today I took the big step and took the projects I did while I was in England to the framer, Cascade Frames is the best. They have a huge selection of ready made frames and precut mats. Also, the people who work there are great to work with, selecting colors and the correct frames and mats.

I found frames and mats for my Jacobean Crewel and Canvaswork all normal sizes the actual framing will only cost about $25.00 total for both projects plus the cost of the mat and the frame. It pays to have the pieces all mounted and ready to frame.

Also, found a frame and mat for the sun flower, I had a frame for the stumpwork all I needed was a mat. I will frame these two myself, I have the boards all cut and covered ready to mount.

The Proper Project (Hampton Court Palace with the trees and bench) is still on the list to find a frame etc. I will go to Arron Brothers with a friend and see if we can find something that is just right. The mat at Cascade Frames would have had to be cut and the cost was about $40.00 just for the mat, the frame was $27.00 and I just wasn't sure about either one. I am sure there is something better out there for this project. I hate to spend that much money for a frame and mat that I don't really love. We will see what I find next week.

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