Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Project

Last week I drew a Jacobean Crewel design and then I got nervous about putting it on the fabric. Yesterday I decided it was time to get going and transfer the design from paper to fabric. I used the prick and pounce method like we used at the Royal School of Needlework and painted the lines on with watercolor. Thanks to Daniel Smith, our local art supply store I could get all the supplies I needed to transfer the design and they even knew what I was talking about. It worked great!

The next challenge was to find a way to attach my slate frame to my Needlework System 4 floor stand. With the help of my Eagle Scout we tied the slate frame to scroll frame without the scroll rods. There are holes in the sides of the scroll frame and the sides of the slate frame, so that worked great. I discovered that I would not be able to sit in my favorite chair to stitch because the frame is too wide, but a chair from our dining room fits fine and I can sit under a light that provides good lighting too. Almost like being at the RSN, but much easier to get out of the chair and I have TV too.

Sometimes when I have a couple projects going at the same time and just sit in my chair to work on them I don't want to switch, this way I can have a smaller to work on while I sit in my chair and the larger one on the slate frame. Hopefully, I will make progress on both projects, I will post another update soon.

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