Sunday, February 26, 2012

NSG - Annual Tea Party Challenge

The Northwest Sampler Guild held their annual tea today.  

The stitching challenge this year was anything related to tea.  A few years ago my cousin bought this tea set for me to use for stitching tools.  My Grandmother used tea sets like this to serve dessert and ice cream with coffee or tea to the "Welcome Club."  She always put a paper doily under the dessert to keep the ice cream from moving around on the plate, I thought is was kind of funny at the time.

I made the fruit tart scissors case and placed it on antique doilies purchased from The Antique Lace Museum in California.  The cup can be used for thread orts.   I have added a pin cushion, (not shown) which looks like the tea bag in the cup and a thimble.

The picture below shows the inside with the scissors. 

Next year's challenge is "houses."  My wheels are already turning in my head, I have an idea, so please come back next year.

1 comment:

Julie said...

clever and gorgeous !!! I love your project ! I have a book for making tarts and cakes with felt, but yours is really wonderful !
I noticed the Mariage tea too ;-)