Saturday, November 19, 2011

Doctor Who Dalek

Our granddaughter likes Doctor Who, a British TV show.  She drew the Dalek a couple of years ago and I said I would stitch it for her.  I have to say this was not my favorite nor my best project, but the good news is it is done and framed.  Some of the parts were a challenge.  I stitched in on canvas using Splendor Silk, Krienik metallic and DMC glow in the dark for the floor.  The round parts are wooden disks covered with Splendor . . . .

Note to self:  Be careful what I say I will stitch!


rubberduckiemom said...

Being a Dr. Who fan (all of them) myself, I appreciate your work; especially that it is embroidered by an RSN certificate holder. I am hoping to attend RSN over the next few years myself.

from Texas, USA

Needleworker said...

Thanks Ren for the kind words. You will love the RSN.