Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sisters' Quilt Show

We went to the Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon. I am not a quilter, but our friend came from England to go to the show and I really enjoyed the trip. It was a beautiful day and not too hot.

These are just a few of the pictures that I took. Everyone should attend at least once, it is amazing how they hang all the quilts on the buildings and in the trees. Some were for sale, I was surprised that they weren't more expensive considering all the time that goes into each quilt.

Love the sunflowers!

These are wall hangings on one building.

This quilt is amazing! I love trees . . .

The end to a wonderful week-end was a stop at Mount St. Helens, I can see a new project in this picture.

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Lauren Now in Illinois said...

Definitely a great picture for the Applique class!