Sunday, April 17, 2011

The New and Old . . . .

I haven't been very good at updating my blog and won't promise that I will be good in the future. I have been stitching and knitting a lot, just haven't been sharing. . . . .

This is a picture that I made for my Dad for his 80th birthday in 1995. It has memories from his life, it is a great project for a parent, grandparent or a dear friend for a special birthday. Some of the memories included are baseball, pets, places he lived, the freight train he traveled in back in the 1930's. I started by making a list of the things I wanted to remember, then searched books to find the pattern or make one up if I couldn't find what I wanted. I did not plan the placement or chart the entire piece, I just started stitching . . .

I had fun stitching this, but the best part was giving it to my Dad. His birthday was on April 24th, "Happy Birthday Dad" I miss you!

This project is a picture of railroad tracks near Seelow, Germany. My Husband took the picture and I loved it. The white houses in the distance with the trees stood out and I just had to stitch it. It is done on 24 count canvas cloth with DMC and Anchor cotton floss, some overdyed floss and a little metallic, the size is about 3" x 5" and it is framed in a shadow box frame that is 5" x 7." It is for sale at the Chamber of Commerce in the "Treasures in Miniature" show.

This is a garden scene. I was waiting in the eye doctor's office looking at a magazine and saw this picture. Well, first I thought I could remember what it looked like, but then decided I wouldn't by the time I got around to stitching it. So, if you go to the eye doctor and there is a page missing out of the magazine you are reading I have it. This project is also stitched on 24 count canvas with DMC and Anchor floss with some overdyed threads too. The size is about 3" x 5" and framed in a shadow box frame that is 5" x 7". It is also, in the "Treasures in Miniature" show.

Both pictures have a million French knots and Colonial knots, fly stitches, basketweave, alternating cross stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch and a few more stitches.

This is the first time I have entered anything in a show for sale and it will be pretty exciting if one sells, but it is fine if they don't too.

I loved making them and I know someone in my family would like to have one.

Thank for coming back to see what I have been doing . . . . . There will be more someday.

I just completed a stumpwork piece to teach in June and I am getting ready to take another class with the Royal School of Needlework, so stay tuned.

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