Thursday, September 23, 2010

Needlework at the Hermitage

We recently took a cruise in the Baltic, one of the ports was St Petersburg in Russia. We took a tour of the Hermitage and I was pleased to see some needlework on display. I took pictures to share, they are not very good because of the glass but here they are for you to see.

We enjoyed the cruise starting in Holland, stopping in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Denmark and back to Holland. I was disappointed that the Danish Cross Stitch Guild shop is no longer in Copenhagen, but I found a booth at the market in Helsinki selling kits to make mittens and of course had to buy one.


Julie said...

St Petersburg is such a beautiful city ! I went to the Hermitage with my mother in 2003, we only had time to see some famous paintings. You're lucky to have seen needlework !

Anneg said...

While looking for info on RSN classes in the US I ran across your blog. Very interesting. I'd love to chat a little to see if you would be interested in giving some lessons. You can reach me at freddielfea (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks, Anne in NC