Friday, March 19, 2010

Canvas Work Project

Thanks for coming back to see what I have been doing.

I really have been stitching even though I have not posted anything lately.

This is my canvas work project that I started last October when I taught how to transfer a photograph to canvas at my local ANG meeting. It is getting closer to being done, just need to finish the grass, another bush on the left, the door and then plant a few flowers. There are lots of fun stitches in this project.

I met a lady in England last year who showed me how to make flower petals or leaves by cutting organza with a hot knife, that is what the peach is near the building. I have painted white organza several different colors and will be planting flowers soon. Pretty interesting technique, I have several ideas of projects where I can use the organza to make leaves and/or flowers.

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Summer said...

Yours is coming along a lot faster than mine! I ran out of the brown for my house and haven't bought more yet. :) Will get to it!